Pinterest Decoded

The hair and beauty section of pinterest has become an obsession of mine. I scroll through it almost every night for inspriation and new things to try out. With the weather getting warmer(and my daily condishioning practices picking up) my skin is starting to break out more than usual. I needed to take action! I searched up the blackhead masks to try out and found one that seemed to work just like the “Biore Nose Strips” but for your whole face. To make the strips it called for two ingrediants, unflavored gelatin and milk. All you did was mix three tablespoons milk to a pack of the geatin and popped in the mircowave to warm up. I  put the mask on, which was extremly thick and started to harded with in the first minute of me trying to smear in on my face. Although it wasn’t the easiest to put on, I still gave it a go. I waited the 15 minutes until the mask completly hardend, by then the slightest movement felt like my skin was going to rip. None of that adds up to the removal of the mask, which was PAINFUL. I have a pretty high pain tolerence but this exceeded it. My eyes watered and actual tears were falling down my face with out me even trying to cry. It felt like all the little hairs in my face and a layer of skin was being ripped off. I peeled most of the mask off but had to quit and finish washing it off with warm water, lets just say it wasn’t easy getting it off that way either.  After removing all of it, it left my skin red and sensitive for the rest of the day. All and all this mask was a bust and I would not reccomend this to anyone. Unless of course you are looking for a whole face wax job! *On a side note I am turning “Pinterest Decoded” into a series here on my blog so look forward to me being the guinea pig of this all! Thanks for reading!


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